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Keep Your Pool In Tip-Top Shape

At Aqua Blue Custom Pools, we offer all services to make sure your swimming pool and spa look and run their best. Services include:


When you schedule any of the above services with us, you will get a courtesy confirmation call letting you know when our uniformed technician will arrive at your home. In most cases, you do not need to be there for us to perform our services.


Our fees are reasonable, and all our work is guaranteed. For more information, or to schedule service, please call (832) 912-7665. Or fill out the form below.


Weekly Pool Maintenance

At Aqua Blue Custom Pools, we provide weekly on-site pool maintenance. Each week we will come out and perform the following steps to ensure your swimming pool's long life and pristine appearance.


Each weekly cleaning visit includes:

  • Evaluate Chemicals
    • Most swimming pool treatment programs require weekly chemical additions. We will check existing chemicals and add any necessary support chemicals like algaecides, clarifiers, rust inhibitors, and scale inhibitors.
  • Clean & Vacuum Pool
    • Insects, grass, dirt, and other debris will always eventually find their way to the bottom of your pool. Aqua Blue Custom Pools will skim your pool for debris, vacuum, and empty skimmer and pump baskets.
  • Clean & Backwash Filter
    • Filters that are clogged or filled with dirt can hinder circulation, stress pump motors, and increase algae growth. We recommend you schedule our filter maintenance service (available at an additional charge) at least once every six months.
  • Evaluate Equipment
    • Aqua Blue Custom Pools understands the importance of working pool equipment and its effect on pool quality and longevity. We will ensure that your swimming pool equipment is working properly and efficiently.
  • Brush Pool Wall & Bottom
    • Brushing the surfaces in contact with water, especially when the pool has not been used in a while, helps deter algae growth and prevent unsightly buildup. We will brush all surfaces of the pool, including the pool walls and bottom, to ensure your pool maintains its immaculate condition.


Aqua Blue Custom Pools knows that good relationship revolves around solid communication. We feel it is extremely important to keep our customers well informed of the condition of their swimming pool. Upon completion of every pool maintenance visit, our highly trained staff will leave behind a door hanger with an explanation of all of the services that were provided that day. We will be sure to note any chemical applications made or recommended, as well as any possible concerns or suggested repairs.


Repairs Services

Our repair technicians are factory trained on major brands of pool equipment, including Hayward & Zodiac. We also offer the following repair services:

  • Pool Cleaners Installation, Repair or Replacement
  • Filter Service, Repair and Replacement
  • Pump Service, Repair or Replacement
  • Heater Repair and Replacement



"The person or persons who cleaned my pool yesterday did the BEST cleaning job I ever had! Please tell them THANK YOU! A large tree in the yard behind us has thousands of blooms in the summer, and these blooms die this time of year and these little black seed like things fall everywhere (including in the pool), and when it was cleaned yesterday, there were none in the pool or spa. Thanks!!!!"


Dan and Debbie Straton

"Just a quick note to say I met Chris for the first time last Friday and was very impressed with his attitude and attention to doing a good job.



Sergius Schultz


To schedule your pool service, call us at (832) 912-7665 or fill out the form below.


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