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Is your swimming pool "out of style"?

You Can Make it BETTER THAN NEW!


With Aqua Blue Custom Pools at your side, we can help you achieve new possibilities with your existing swimming pool to give you a fresh new updated look.


Aqua Blue Custom Pools has over 20 years' experience in custom renovations. Whether your existing pool needs a few minor repairs, or you are looking to do a total remodel and add custom features, Aqua Blue Custom Pools can assist you with the job. Have the pool that you have always dreamed of and that you deserve!


Here are some of the applications we offer to renovate or restore your swimming pool:

  • Replaster
  • Retile
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Recoping
  • Deck repair or Renovation
  • Structural crack repair
  • Skimmer replacement and plumbing replacement
  • Equipment change-outs and pool cleaner installations
  • Waterfall additions
  • Design Modifications to shape, depth and style
  • Custom tile, stone, brick and masonry
  • Water and Lighting Features, Splash Pads, Diving Boards, etc. Much more!



To schedule a one-on-one consultation for your renovation, please call our office at (832) 912-7665 or fill out the form below.


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